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Through the main world exhibitions and regional forums, Thales seeks to better serve customer’s present and future requirements.

1.2014 ATC Global & Asia Users conference in China (Asia)

Regional Users conf in Beijing (15-16 sept) : 7 ANSPs -50 participants ( Thailand, Cambodia, Bangladesh, China, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore) are already registered, waiting for more to come: Brunei/Malaysia/Taiwan

ATC Global Beijing 1st edition (17-19 sept): demonstration of TopSky-ATC/ Boost Airport capacity/ Global surveillance/ navaids & satellite

2.2014 African Users Conference in Zambia (Africa)

Very successful event with an attentive and participative audience

  • 40 people in total at the Gala Dinner (CANSO representative Boni Dibate joined, and more people from NACL also)
  • Sudan and some Tanzania came specifically for our event (did not attend CANSO meeting)
  • Customers represented have appreciated the interactivity of the workshops and that Thales was not arrogant but here to support them by addressing a lot of themes useful for their on-going expansion.
  • Unanimity to maintain this AFI users initiative,

3.2014 ATCA (America)

Thales has participated at the 59th Annual Air Traffic Control Conference and Expo this year. ATCA was held in Washington, D.C. at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center.

4.2015 Thales Users Group in Belgrad (Europe)

Dates on next TUG are set up: May 24th-28th in Belgrad