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A Global Approach for Sustainable Performance Delivery


  • Improve day to day operations through active stakeholder collaboration and standard operational procedures (SOP)
  • Increase airline satisfaction through greater performance and quantitative savings
  • Enhance safety through comprehensive surveillance, navaids and ATC system
  • Offer better services for passengers thanks to real time information
  • Increase Runway Throughput by automation system mitigating wake-vortex hazards

Platform: the demo is very successful, a new version will be updated for ATC Global Beijing integrating new features such as APP

Vice President Siim Kallas, European Commissioner responsible for Transport said (06/12/2012):

« Europe’s airports are facing a capacity crunch. If business and the travelling public are to take best advantage of the air network, we have to act now.

70% of all delays to flights are already caused by problems on the ground not in the air.

On present trends, nineteen key European airports will be full to bursting

by 2030. The resulting congestion could mean delays for half of all flights across the network.

The status quo is not an option for airports in Europe. Faced with intense global competition, if we do not change the way we do business, we may not be doing business at all. »